8/30/22 Santa Cruz Works
Blue Innovation: “Bay of Life: From Wind to Whales”

9/28/22 Santa Cruz Works
Exploring the Monterey Bay Through a Lens and Words

10/4/22 Bay Nature – Online Feature Story
A New book Covers the Monterey Bay’s Past, Present and Possible Futures in Lush Detail

10/20/22 KSQD Radio Interview
Interview with Frans Lanting about “Bay of Life”

11/4/22 Monterey County Weekly
Monterey Bay Photographers Take Center Stage at a Photo Conference

11/6/22 Santa Cruz Sentinel – Cover Story
Photography Team Presents Book About Monterey Bay

11/8/22 Good Times Santa Cruz – Cover Story
Frans Lanting’s “Bay of Life” Project Showcases Local Ecosystem

11/9/22 Lookout Santa Cruz – Online Feature Story
From Ecological Collapse to Biodiversity Hotspot, Frans Lanting Captures Our Unique “Bay of Life”

11/9/22 KSCO Radio
Rosemary Chalmers interviews Frans Lanting about “Bay of Life”

11/10/22 Stanford Daily
Monterey Bay Experts Say Area’s Ecological Restoration is Cause for Hope

11/11/22 KSBW TV – Prime Time News Story
Two Santa Cruz Photographers are Using Their Art to Showcase the Biodiversity of the Monterey Bay

11/3/22 Monterey County Weekly – Feature Story
Frans Lanting Merged His Two Great Passions, Photography and Environmentalism Into One Quest

12/1/22 Outdoor Photographer – Feature Story
Bay of Life

1/17/23 Lookout Santa Cruz – Online Feature Story
“Bay of Life” Enlarges the Vision of What We all Call “Home”

1/17/23 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Iconic Photographers’ Bay of Life Project Comes to the MAH

1/18/23 Santa Cruz County Office of Education Newsletter – Press Release
Bay of Life Project Presents Unified View of Monterey Bay

2/7/23 Daily Californian
Glimpse Into another Life’: UC Berkeley Hosts 13th Annual TEDx Conference


1/29/23 Lookout Santa Cruz
Bay of Life & One Ride at a Time

1/26/23 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Letter to Editor: Metro program helps transit on existing roads

1/23/23 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Santa Cruz Metro Launches One Ride at a Time Campaign

2/1/23 Mass Transit Magazine
Santa Cruz Metro Launches One Ride at a Time Campaign

2/2/23 The Pajaronian
Santa Cruz Metro Bus Murals Highlight Ecosystem

2/1/23 Capitola Soquel Times
One Ride at a Time

2/7/23 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Youth Ride Free, One Ride at a Time, $30M Grant

March/April 2023 Mass Transit Magazine – Cover Story
Santa Cruz METRO Bounces Back from COVID-19 Pandemic

3/30/23 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Local Leaders Promote New Santa Cruz METRO Program

3/31/23 Lookout Santa Cruz
Protecting the Monterey Bay, One Ride at a Time: How To Get Involved

4/4/23 Santa Cruz Sentinel – Cover Story
All Wrapped Up

4/18/23 Santa Cruz Sentinel
Santa Cruz METRO offers free rides on Earth Day